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About Me


My Background

Painting and drawing has been a life time passion for me. After having a career in Advertising creating graphic designs and doing colour correction and retouching. I am now following my dream of being a full time painter. My work is continually evolving and growing as a result of this full time practice.


My Medium

I love working with different mediums. Each one helps me achieve a mood or feeling in its own way. What you can pull out of these mediums is always inspiring. 


My Inspiration

I am inspired to create new works in by the landscape surrounding me. “The rhythm of the landscape, the colour and quality of light found within it has always been a source of inspiration for me creatively and spiritually.”  

Contact Me

david m smith creative

Visual Artist

Watercolour Paintings

Acrylic Paintings

Apsley, Ontario

K0L 1A0, Canada

Studio open by appointment  only

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