Watercolor, Acrylic and Oil Paintings

About the Artist

New Works


My current paintings explores scene accompanied with poems written by myself, to encouraging the viewer to interpret the land and its objects in a different way through the paintings and poems.

Its not what you see but how you see it

   Their is a deep magic and beauty in everything that we look at, the movement  of colour, form, line and light through what ever we"re looking at. Studying light shadow and form combining colour that pushes and pulls the viewer to bring an emotional response that is why I paint. To bring about a memory that brings joy and beauty to the observer. The spectrum of colour, light and shadow that we live in is what I attempt to capture. 

Artists Statement


My paintings explore the rhythms and patterns that occur within a landscape, focusing on the movement of light and the movement of colour representing the different incarnations of the land.

I work in three different mediums, watercolour, acrylic and recently oil. I work in these three mediums as scenes tend to lend themselves to one or the other. My current work explores a scene accompanied with poems written by myself, they are written in either a playful, imaginative or thought provoking way allowing the viewer to experience the visual in a different way.